Editors Letter - January


happy new year_the juliet report

I have been looking forward to the first day of 2018. 2017 flew past me so fast that I just couldn’t seem to keep up. Personally, I can’t say that it was a bad year, a lot of awesome stuff happened, but I feel like a lot of stuff didn’t happen. What I realise though is that the stuff that did happen has made me ready for this fresh new year.

I’ve decided that 2018 is the year where I do all of the things. For real this time. Hahaha.

My main goal for the year is to meditate every single day. Meditation is the tool that I believe will help me with doing all the things, and will also help me to be the person I know that I am.

The only guideline I have for my daily meditation is that I do it at least once a day. It can be for any amount of time. It can be guided or unguided. I just need to do it.

I do have some hopes and I guess offshoot goals from the meditation goal.

They are:

  • To increase meditation time from 15 minutes to at least 30 minutes per day

  • To meditate twice a day, in the morning and in the evening

  • To attend meditation classes

  • To attend a meditation retreat

  • To try transcendental meditation

Achieving any of these offshoot goals will be a bonus and would really be awesome. But as I mentioned the main goal is to do it at least once a day for as long as I have time for.

I actually also have a long list of other goals I’d like to focus on too. I’m still working on it but here’s what i have so far:

2018 goals

  • Write a minimum of 250 words daily

  • Journal daily

  • Read a minimum of one book per week

  • Continue my cooking adventures

  • Continue the 5:2 diet

  • Focus more on fashion

  • Do more drawing exercises

  • Do short courses

  • Plan holidays

  • Make or try as many of the cocktails in A Spot at The Bar Book

  • Take on a 48 hour reply policy (I’m really bad at replying to people, even those I love)

  • Don’t spend money on things i don’t really need

  • Document everything this year

  • Work on The Juliet Report (exciting things to come)

  • Remember to send more thank you cards

  • Watch at least one movie per week

  • Listen to one new music album each week

  • Keep track of all the good stuff

  • More self care things, like massages, facials etc

quote_the juliet report

That’s what I’ve got for now, it seems like a lot, but a year is also a lot of time.

I usually like to check up on my goals every three months, but this year I’m going to start doing this monthly just to make sure I don’t fall way behind.

20 YAY TEEN I am ready for you!