James Veitch Dot Con (UK) - COMEDY

james veitch dot con_the juliet report

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
29 Mar - 23 Ap

Two words are seen on a black screen which is mounted on a black wall, and they are, ‘Dot Con’. And no, before you ask, that’s not a spelling error. It is Dot Con, not the Dot Com you’re used to seeing at the end of an email or website address. Dot Con is the title of James Veitch’s debut stand-up show at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Dot Con is also the title of James Veitch’s best-selling book. Both share Veitch's four years of experiences with scamming the scammers.

This all may sound familiar to you, and that is probably because like me, you are one of the 16,172,104 views on his famous TED Talk: 'This is what happens when you reply to spam email', which was the fastest TED Talk ever to reach 2Million Views.

A mischievous, curious and funny guy, James Veitch had us all engaged even before he appeared on the stage. Like in his TED Talk he used a monitor to share his back and forth emails with a Mr Solomon Odonkho and there is no shortage of laughs coming from the audience.

You can expect to see a lot of new jokes, a little bit of a Veitch Comedy History, possibly get some expert advice if you are having issues with your Apple product as Veitch is a former Apple Store Genius. Veitch will also inspire you to take an ordinary scenario and add comedy to make it something others will remember you by.

Overall it was a great show, and I'm happy to be one of the first to see him live in Australia. We all owe him a huge thank you for keeping the scammers busy and reducing the amount of people they are scamming and an even huger thank you for sharing it with us in a funny way. I was super impressed at the end of the show when James Veitch handed out badges he'd made, mine said "HELP ME! I HAVE TOO MUCH GOLD", (I wish!)

Here is a link to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival page where you can see details for the show.

Here is a link to the James Veitch Website

Here is a link to the James Veitch TED TALK

This is a link to his book James Veitch Dot Con


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