The Perfect Foundation

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About two months ago I wrote about my struggles in replacing my perfect discontinued CHANEL foundation here in 'Tried and Tested Foundations'. Since then I have tried and tested some more and have found the perfect replacement.

I listened to my lovely insta-friends and sampled a few products from MECCA, because they are awesome and super helpful like that. If you didn't already know, at Mecca they'll make up little tester pots for you to take home and try out any products you may be curious about.

I sampled:

I purchased:

Firstly I tried the All day luminous. It was perfect, it went onto the face smoothly and evenly. Covered up all the redness in my skin, which I mentioned in the previous beauty post. It lasted all day, which is important for me, it didn't make my skin dry out and I still had a pretty natural look.

I then went back to MECCA and was curious to try out the Sheer Glow Foundation, because more people had recommended that one to me. I found the same quality in the product, I liked the finish, but found that my face got a bit too shiny/glowy for my liking by the end of the day. I also noticed this product gave an even more natural look.

I was torn between which one to choose, because I noticed the Sheer glow was fine on occasions when I didn't need all day coverage, and I liked that it looked more natural, and I loved the All day luminous but was worried it was not natural looking enough. Anyway, I went with the All day luminous and am so happy. I think it may even be better than the original CHANEL foundation I was using. I love that it evens my skin tone, and is a perfect base for the rest of my makeup.

Another product which was recommended to me was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I've been using this product for a while now, and I honestly can't tell the difference with or without it. The product itself is performs exactly as its description. It's silky and does create a good base, however I think that the All day luminous is already such a fantastic product that with just moisturiser as a base on my face is enough for this product to do it's own thing.

I was talking to an insta-friend @tdrawer about the product and she said "I use this in Singapore. It's great when it's humid, it doesn't make your face oily. But in dry/cool climates I don't need this at all."

So maybe that's why I don't really need it or notice a difference?