Tried and Tested Foundations

beauty_the juliet report

Finding a Foundation.

The question I detest the most, is the first question you get asked when you go shopping for makeup/skin care.

"What is your skin like?"

I never know what to say, and I feel like shit for not knowing what my skin is like. I mean it's on my face, and it's always there, and I've had it all my life, and how do I not know what my skin is like. But I don't, I have no idea,  I don't spend all day thinking about my skin, and it's the only one I've had, so I have no idea what other skins are like.

You see, I had actually found the perfect everyday foundation. It was the CHANEL Mat Lumiere, Long Lasting Lumious Matte Fluid Makeup. It was perfect, it ticked all the boxes. I didn't have to know what my skin was like because this product was perfect for my skin. Unfortunately some time last year, CHANEL decided to discontinue this product and so my trial of many foundations began.

I've probably tried about 6 different foundations in the last year and I still haven't found the perfect replacement for my perfect discontinued foundation. I have however, learnt more about my skin and what I want. I still don't think I have an answer to that dreaded question "What is your skin like?", but I do know what I want, and that is:

- even and correct my skin tone
- long lasting
- good coverage
- not too drying
- a matte finish

Here are Foundations that I have tried and tested so far:

  1. Chanel, Mat Lumiere, Long Lasting Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup - Discontinued
    This was my favourite, it was perfect, it did exactly what it said it would.
  2. Mecca Cosmetica, Complexion Perfection Primer
    This isn't actually a foundation, but I bought it to get a better finish for my foundation. I have sensitive skin and get a lot of redness in my face. This product did work to hide the redness and even my skin tone, It made my foundation last longer, but overall I think if I had the right foundation I could actually go without using this product.
  3. Clinique, Supermoisture Makeup
    I loved this one at first, it was moisturising and gave me a more natural look. Lately though, I have found that it's too dewy for my liking and makes my face too shiny. I've been putting powder on top (and the Mecca Complexion Perfection Primer underneath) to reduce shine.
  4. Estee Lauder, Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
    This foundation gives a fantastic flawless finish, and totally dried out my skin and  even ended up cracking/flaking by the end of the day. Mixing it with moisturiser helped but altered the finish. It also feels too tight on my face, like I'm wearing a face mask. This one is perfect for events where you want that perfect, flawless, doll-like face.
  5. MAC, Studio Fix
    This product has been recommended to me millions of times, unfortunately for me, the makeup artist sold me a colour that is too pale for my skin and so I can't wear it. I've been using it subtly over the Clinique Supermoisture Makeup to make it less dewy.

It's annoying that after all of those trials, I still haven't found the perfect replacement, but I will keep trying!

I shared my foundation struggles with my Instagram friends and got many wonderful recommendations and can't wait to test them out.


  • "Eve Lom tinted moisturiser is da bomb! It's the same coverage as regular foundation. Nars is also great! I use both the foundation and concealer. the foundation is quite thick and can dry (out the skin) so I only use it when I'm going out. The concealer is the best ever, wear it with everyday foundation, but it's excellent on it's own too." - @nicole__simone
  • "I recommend Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan oil foundation fluid. You can buy it at Sephora. It's full coverage but it's really smooth and moisturising and it's free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates." -@greeneyedcare
  • "The Nars foundations and concealers are lovely. I know people with dry skin like sheer glow. I use luminous weightless which suits my combo skin a lot better and I love it." - @whatsophieread
  • "Bobbi Brown! All day!" - @aeallen
  • "You should try out: Shiseido Future Solution LX and Giorgio Armani Lumious silk foundation. Try mixing your foundations with Smashbox photo finish primer oil. It is all about the technique. I use disposable sponges sprayed with mac fix or dapped in facial oil. Better than a brush or beauty blender" - @absurdityoverload
  • "Too Faced Born This Way... I have super sensitive skin so I find it's fine with that. It has coconut water in it so it's super hydrating. It has amazing coverage - one squirt does my whole face, and with a little setting powder it stays on with full coverage all day." - @honeycombroadmap
  • "Seems like we have similar skin...mine is dry too and I can never stand the double wear stuff. I loved Clinique Supermoisture forever. Now that I want more coverage, especially for going out, I recently got Clinique Even Better and it's perfect!" - @butterbaking