In The Mood For Knickers

by Britt Doherty

I like to change it up, especially when I'm slipping into my briefs.

No two days are the same, so why would I ever consider the same pair twice?

Undies can be fun too you know - pick the occasion and pick the suitable bottoms.


 My Calvin’s are appropriate for any squat, lunge or lift (sipping on juice post work out).

 I may only last 5 minutes on the cross –trainer, but I want to be comfortable right?


 Jeans can be unexpected. Base range is not.

 I want to be able to move in my denim. No one has time for bunched up / falling down bottoms.

 Give me comfy and give me cool.



A pair of Elle Mcpherson to get me into the mood.

The night is young, baby

Don't wait up for me.


Hey there black lace!

Feeling frisky? Or generally interested in the OITNB latest season?

Pop on anything Aimee Cherie


Say hello to my 9-5s.

There's nothing like a pair of Lonely briefs to give you that extra boost of confidence come Monday morning.

You may be thrown off by that hint of mesh, but don't be fooled. This pantie means business.


SOS! I'm having a mid week crisis.

You'll find me lounged across my couch, possibly topless, wearing nothing but Hatsumi.

Glass of wine, face mask on. Promise I'll get back to you tomorrow...soonish?