Juliet Update Number Three


Hello and welcome to my third Juliet Update.

This update is later than usual and that's because I lost the document twice. I wont bore you with the details, but I hope you enjoy it. In this update I talk about my goal for The Juliet Report, I talk about my 'people and their clothes' project, I share what I've been eating, beauty products I've tried and Coffee! What I don't talk about is a podcast I binged on, and that is Dirty John by the L.A. Times. It's so great, kind of like Serial, jump on it!

What is The Juliet Report about?

If you've been on board The Juliet Train since day dot, or you've read my posts, you probably get the gist of what I’m all about. But i was thinking that there's a chance that you might not know what my goal is for The Juliet Report?

My main goal is world domination. Lol, just kidding. It's actually to create a directory of the things and the places I know and love. A directory that includes all things someone living in a particular place or even a visitor to that place may want to know. Things like which art galleries to go to, where the best coffee is, the best burgers, fancy nail salons, great yoga classes...etc etc.

I also hope for it to be a place for you to discover new things or learn something new about what you already know. The idea is that I test things out for you, and then give you the down low and what I think about the things I’m testing. And it’s all (mostly) illustrated.

So this is what I'm working on creating and hopefully The Juliet Report will become an awesome resource for us to all use for all things ranging from fashion, food, art, beauty and more.


What I’ve learnt about coffee so far? It’s not about what other people like, it's about what I like.

I was teaching my mum how to make coffee using the french press, and after it brewed I told her to taste it. If she likes the taste then great, but if not the next time she makes it all she needs to do is to simply adjust the quantity of coffee depending on if she wants it stronger or weaker. And that's when I realised coffee is just like any new thing you try; it requires practice and experimentation. 

At Coffee Supreme we currently have about 11 different varieties of coffee beans on sale. And we offer at least 5 different options for brewing your coffee; Gold FIlterAeropressChemex, Cone Filter, Filter Machine, and more. Different beans give you a different taste and different brewing methods will also give you different tastes.

The whole world of coffee may sound daunting, (it has to me for so long), but actually, the fun is all in the experimentation and trying them out (which means drinking all the coffee, yasss). Basically working out what you like and don’t like.

The other thing that I’ve noticed, is everyone will tell you different things and that’s because everyone has their own tastes, experiences and standards. My thing is to take all comments and suggestions on board and try them out. If you like it keep doing it, if not, move on to the next.

This week I brought home some Supreme blend beans, which are actually for espresso (the machines they have in cafes), but I’ve been making it with a french press/plunger. And at work I’ve been drinking a lot of the Kenya Guama.


- Benny Burger
I checked out Benny Burger in Richmond this week. I ordered a cheeseburger, fries and vanilla milkshake. Benny Burger opened in June this year and Shannon Bennett its mastermind. The branding and store design is cool and fun and on first impression I liked it and would go back. I’d have to eat there a few more times before I can say if it’s in my top 5. It’s more of a healthy, good, good for you burger instead of a greasy finger licking, good burger.

- The Abbotsford Club
The Abbotsford Club is a cafe that's actually part of Coffee Supreme. It's right next to the roastery and I work in the office behind it, so you could imagine I'm there everyday. Over the last month I've been trying out the menu options and this week I had the Bircher. Honestly it's the best bircher I've ever had. It's not as watery as some birchers which is a good thing, and it's more creamy which is also a good thing. The bircher has vanilla in it, goji berries, cacao nibs and ultra fresh seasonal fruits. Yum.

- Kyo Tea House
I’ve been casually visiting Kyo Tea House in the Emporium and working my way through the menu. Today I had the matcha float and I loved it. It’s an iced matcha latte with matcha soft serve, so, so, so good.



This week I tried out the Mecca Max Flawless Sphere. This sponge is not meant to be a beauty blender but a sponge for blending your foundation or fine tuning your concealer or highlighter.

On first try i did as the instructions say and dotted my foundation onto my skin and then used the sponge to blend. On the second try I used my foundation brush to apply my foundation and then used the sponge to blend it into my skin. Super happy with the finish, and find it really comfortable and easy to use. I prefer using the edge near the pointed tip to do my blending. From what i can tell so far, the sponge doesn’t really absorb much foundation which is great. I’d also recommend washing it with some soap or something before your first use because it smells a bit rubbery when you first open it.

I’ve also been trying out the Bumble and bumble thickening dryspun finish spray.

I’ve used it twice and am loving it. After you spray it on dry hair and rub it in a bit,  it magically lifts your hair and creates volume. So great, there’s nothing I hate more than flat hair!

My mask for the week was The Face Shop Bio-Cell Moisturising Face Mask. This one was interesting because the mask was actually a bio-cellulose sheet. It fit around the face quite well and was super hydrating.

The thing I’ve learnt about masks is that they’re good for using to target particular concerns. Like if you need a good pore clean, use a clay mask. If your skin is super dehydrated, use a hydrating moisturising mask. If you’re getting married use a brightening mask. Etc Etc.



Earlier this year I had an experience which got me thinking (even more than usual) about fashion and style. It led me to begin documenting what people are wearing in a particular place at a particular time. It is really fun to observe people in different settings and notice differences in what people choose to wear. I hope for this study to be a lifelong one and am really looking forward to being able to look back to see how fashion and style evolves. 

This example of "A study of people and their clothes' was from a sample of people I saw when I went to a Beauty Event at Mecca Cosmetica. From this sample you can see there were mainly women ranging in age from about 18-55. The waitstaff were male and where dressed in the usual black and white. All the people here were very stylish and very beautiful.

mecca cosmetica x hourglass_20171012_3.jpg

I hope you've enjoyed reading this update and as usual I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on anything you'd like me to try out in the weeks to come. 

I wish you an awesome week and I will be back with another update next week.

Ciao! Jx