13 Make-Up Sponges I am Trying Out

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A couple of months ago, I read an article online on beauty and it outlined the best beauty products and how to use them. Now, I have no idea why, but I just can’t find the article anywhere, however, I'm pretty sure I read it in The New York Times.

The beauty item that peaked my curiosity the most was the Beauty Blender. In the article, they said that it is the hero when it came to the application of foundation. I vaguely remembered seeing one in Sephora when it first opened in Sydney a few years ago, but I'd never tried one.

My personal go-to over the years has been one of those foundation brushes with the white bristles in the middle and black bristles around the edges. It is supposed to be great for blending and giving you that flawless airbrushed look. I have two the same, one from MAC and one from Chanel

After reading the article I went on the internet and spent a long time googling ‘Beauty Blender.’ I also asked my Instagram friends if they’d used one and what their thoughts were. In my research, I found that the OG Beauty Blender is the best and most preferred,  but also the most expensive. And that’s when I found out that there are about 27 billion versions of Beauty Blender’s out there in the world. So naturally, I bought them all, haha, just kidding. I got about thirteen of them to try out. 

I have been alternating the different sponges over the last few months, and it’s been fun. I have not once thought about using my old aforementioned brushes. I’ve had millions of questions, thoughts, and observations and the actual sponges have definitely added a fun colorful vibe to my bathroom and makeup bag.

This post is just an introduction into the sponges and there will be more posts to follow.

I’ve touched on my thoughts on ones I’ve used so far in these blog posts:
- The Juliet Update - Mecca Max Flawless Sphere
- The Juiet Update- Beauty Blender & Mecca Max Silicone Blender

List of sponges I'm trying:

- ECO Tools - Total Perfecting Blender Sponge - $12.99
- HOURGLASS - Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor - $31.00
- MANICARE - Precision Blending Sponge - $11.49
- SMASHBOX - The Photo Filter Gel Cushion Applicator - $29.00
- MECCA MAX - Silicone Blender - $15.00
- STILA - Double-Ended Blending Sponge - $17.00
- REAL TECHNIQUES - Miracle Complexion Sponge - $16.99
- CHI CHI - Make-Up Blending Sponge Aqua Traditional shape - $5.95
- NYX -  Precision Blending Sponge 2 pack - $14.95
- MECCA MAX - Blending Sphere - $18.00
- MECCA MAX - Flawless Sphere - $18.00
- BEAUTY BLENDER - Beauty Blender Original $30.00
- MECCA MAX - Perfector Spheres - $18.00

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