Easy Steps to Making Cold Brew Coffee

how to make cold brew_ the juliet report


Something that has been bringing me so much joy lately, is making cold brew coffee at home. I have been making it for a couple of weeks now, and I still can't get over the fact that I’m drinking cafe quality coffee at home

What I have learned is that no matter what you do, the secret is that it needs to be done properly. No half-assed attempts, as all the little components need to be just right to ensure your experience is at the optimum level.

In the steps below, I will guide you to making your own cold brew and also give you tips on what to use to re-create cafe quality cold brew in your own casa. You can do your own thing, and use substitutes like say the usual small ice cubes instead of the giant ice cubes and that's ok. But what happens when you use little ones is: they melt quickly, then you have these little bits of ice in the bottom, which is less aesthetic, and your cup makes jingly sounds every time you drink because of the little bits of ice hitting each other and hitting the sides of the glass. And you'll find that your experience becomes about trying to eat the ice instead of sipping your delicious coffee. 

Have I overthought this? Most likely. Do I realise this may sound slightly wanky? Yes, I'm totally aware of that, but just trust me on this. 





The first step needs to be done in advance. You will need to make ice using an ice cube tray that makes approximately 4.5cm x 4.5cm sized cubes. One cube per cup is perfect.

This is the ice cube tray that I bought: Cube Noir Ice Cube Tray. You can find them anywhere, the brand doesn't matter. The cube just needs to be as close to the mentioned size as possible.





Make your coffee. Ideally, you will brew your own coffee, either as espresso or filter, depending on your preferred brewing method.

I used filter coffee from Coffee Supreme and I brewed it using my Gold FIlter. I used 16g of coffee per cup. (The gold filter only does one cup at a time). I have a 1L Antipodes Glass Water Bottle that I like to store my brewed coffee in, but any glass jar or glass bottle will do. The 1L Antipodes bottle holds 3 cups of coffee. You can let the coffee cool down before putting it in the fridge.



Take a glass cup and place one ice cube into it.

I’m using these Villeroy and Boch cups just because I already had them. I would love to find some nice glasses to use specifically for cold brew. But as long as you use a glass cup you're A-OK.

Pour your coffee into the cup and over the ice and enjoy.

I’ve tried this step with cold and hot coffee and it works either way. The ice will totally cool down your freshly hot brewed coffee. You can also add a dash of milk if that's your thing.



Easy. Delicious. Perfect.