Juliet Update Number One

Juliet Update

Hello and welcome to the first Juliet Update.

The Juliet Update is a weekly letter where I fill you in on all the goings on behind and in front of the scenes at Studio Juliet.

Let's just jump right in.

The newest news is that I have started working for Coffee Supreme in their Australian Head Office which is in Abbotsford. I have been a big fan of Coffee Supreme since my days working as a Design Assistant for Cambridge Clothing Company on Smith Street Fitzroy. They had a cafe right next door to my work called ‘Get Some’, which has since closed, but I would go there at least twice a day for my coffee fix. Since then I have gotten to know and fall in love with the Supreme people and brand extremely well and cannot believe I am now a part of the team.

I will let you know more about this in future updates, but for know please note that I am fully caffeinated and loving it.

coffee supreme_the juliet report


My brother Don and his girlfriend Ana left for a three-week holiday to Italy, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I am currently living through Don’s photographs and am super jealous. The latest update from Don: “Oh the food is unreal. Italians just keep feeding you, it’s crazy. I’ve been like ready to explode nearly every night hahaha. Last night we had dinner at like a hunters shack.”

You can follow his trip via his instagram: @donsulejmani

don sulejmani_the juliet report

This week I read:

Autumn by Ali Smith.

This book has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Ali Smith is one of my favourites. I’ve also read her books: There But For The (2011) and Artful (2012). She is clever with her words, witty and funny and her characters are always very interesting. I love anything she writes.

The Art of Client Service by Robert Solomon. I just skim read/flicked through this one. It was interesting, but personally, I felt like I wasn’t really learning anything new.

How Bright Are All The Things Here by Susan Green. Haven’t finished this one yet but am enjoying it so far.

books_the juliet report

At Coffee Supreme we had our end of month ‘family’ lunch and we had catering from GOODIES.

I've unfortunately deleted the photo of the menu, but the dim sum pictured here smelled and tasted incredible. We had a vegan salad, lamb and harissa sausage rolls, savoury buns, cinnamon doughnuts, red bean dessert buns and peanut butter dessert buns and more...

Goodies is owned by the same people as Batch Espresso in Balaclava and are both on my to visit list.

dim sum_the juliet report


This week I have tested out the following:

  • Beauty Blender, and am absolutely in love. I read about it online for the first time a few weeks ago and just had to try it. Honestly, it is the best thing I have ever used to apply foundation. It goes on so naturally, smoothly and flawlessly.

  • Mecca Max Silicone Blender. I really wasn’t expecting much from this but was pleasantly surprised. I loved it mostly because it uses minimal product and being silicone it absorbs 0% of the product (so you use less), it is also super easy to clean.

  • Patchology SmartMud Mask. As well as testing out sponges I’ve been testing out face masks. This has been my favourite one so far. There were two pieces in the pack, one for the top half of the face and one for the bottom. It draws out all the dirt from your skin and leaves your skin clean, smooth and my pores were either significantly smaller or completely gone.

beauty blender_the juliet report

I finally sat down and listed all of my expenses and made up a budget. I’d been ignoring and putting this off for so long but I’m so glad I did it. I basically have a spreadsheet with each month listed (I did it for 3 months, OCT-DEC). So for each month I know exactly when direct debits come out and how much for. I also know my total dollar amount of expense and income for the month. I feel so great for doing this, I also feel focused and in control. So great.

Also, I’ve created this budget/expenses doc in Google Sheets and have downloaded the Sheets and Google Drive app, so I have access to it 24/7. Yass for technology.

budget_the juliet report

I went to a behind the scenes look at the Costume Design Department of the Melbourne Theatre Company and got to meet Esther Marie Hayes (MTC Costume Designer). It really was such a fantastic experience to see all the costumes for the new show ‘Hay Fever,’ up close and learn about the whole costume design process.

It was even more fantastic to actually see them in action on Thursday for the opening night of Hay Fever. It was the first time I had ever been to the Melbourne Theatre Company. The show was incredible and hilarious, the cast so great, and the costumes were just perfect. Take a look at their website and hopefully you can still get tickets, I wouldn’t miss this one if I were you.

costume designer mtc_the juliet report
hay fever mtc_the juliet report

I am planning a short trip to Brisbane for myself at the end of the month. I’ve never been there so I’m quite excited. Here are some places that I want to visit. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment for me.

  • GOMA Gallery of Modern Art

  • State Library of Queensland

  • Australia Zoo

  • Day Made Cafe

  • City Botanic Garden

  • Balmoral Cinema

  • GOMA Restaurant

  • QLD Museum

  • Ride the City Cat

brisbane_the juliet report

What I’ve Watched and Loved
Casey Neistat Germany Vlog - I’ve been watching Casey for over two years now and have watched everything he has ever made. This, is the most insane vlog I've watched of his. I was watching it and talking to him as if he could hear me, saying “Only you Casey, only you.” He is one of my heroes and biggest inspirations.

I watched this talk he did: and even though I’ve heard Casey's story many times, hearing it all at once and up to date, really was so inspiring. It really made me just want to be better and just make more and do more.

casey neistat_the juliet report

I also discovered HIHO this week and binge-watched so many of the videos. I love seeing the kids reactions to trying new and different foods. I love the questions they ask and the assumptions they make. Also, the video's of them meeting and talking to felons, deaf people, and other people are really great.

hiho_the julietreport

I found these shoes online. They’re a collaboration between NIKE and Comme des Garcons. They are crazy and I love them. I hope they come in women's sizes. They are on my to-buy-list.

COMME DES GARCONS dinosaur Air Force 1 leather trainers

nike x cdg sneaker collab_the juliet report


I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I’d love to have some feedback and thoughts from you guys.

My goal for the rest of the year is to dedicate more time for blogging and sharing my experiences. So, for all the things I’ve listed, I’m going to try and create a blog post, so I can share everything in further detail.

If you have any suggestions/ideas/recommendations I’d love to hear about it.