Fightfitness at Gymmy Squatz

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12/157 Hyde Street, Yarraville, VIC 3013

Ever since that time I binge watched the Rocky films, I’ve had a sweet spot for boxing. In fact, immediately after watching them I joined a boxing gym and did the boxing cardio class about two-three times a week. It was actually the fittest I’ve ever been in my life, but that was like 4 years ago.

Walking into Gymmy Squatz, I felt like Rocky Balboa. If it were a movie, I have no doubt that Eye of the Tiger would be playing in the background. The funny thing was that it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was actually more like Cuff and Link, (Rocky’s two turtles) than Rocky himself.

Once I mastered the uppercut, hook, punch and kick combo, there was no stopping me. The thing I love most about this kind of exercise is that you can gauge exactly where you're at in terms of fitness levels. And the exciting thing is that it only takes a few classes for you to be able to see improvements.

The fightfitness class at Gymmy Squatz has been designed by a renowned martial arts specialist and international UFC referee. Not only is it a great workout, but it also helps to burn calories while you learn useful self-defense techniques. The class goes for 50 minutes, but you're so busy throwing punches that you barely even think of being saved by the bell. 

I found this class more challenging than the previous two classes, meaning we totally got our asses kicked! 

I was definitely feeling it when I woke up the next morning. I could literally feel every muscle in my body and struggled to get out of bed. But the truth was, it felt good and fightfitness has been my favourite class so far.