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Last night I was at the launch of CTF Curated which is a fantastic and much needed initiative started by the Council of Textile & Fashion. I say much needed because I've realised recently, especially last night, that here in Australia we don't really give our local businesses the love and support that we should. I know that is a big statement, but out of the 18 brands that were at CTF Curated, I was only familiar with two of them, and I know from all the circles I run in, that we mostly aspire to the large international brands out there and overlook the fantastic design and creativity that we have here in our country.

The CTF is a non for profit industry body for the textile and fashion industries nationally across Australia. Their main goal is to connect with our local new and emerging designers and help them grow their companies which will in turn help the industry grow.

They are about design and they believe it is design that will help drive growth in our manufacturing industry.

As mentioned they are working with 18 designers at this stage, and they are offering support and help through mentorship, workshops and pop ups like the one I attended which is open from Thursday 9th March - Sunday 12th March.

I do encourage you visit Curated Melbourne and discover the great designers that are a part of this initiative. You also have the opportunity to purchase any items that you may happen to fall in love with.

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The layout and design of the space is very well thought out as it allows you to flow through the space at L1 Studios and get to know the designers and see their creations. The curation of the brands in the pop up is also worth mentioning, as it allows each brand to shine without being perhaps over-shined by others.

The CTF emphasised that this will be an ongoing project, that they hope to grow the brands that they have on board, and that they plan to run 4 of these pop ups this year, with the hope to expand to other parts of Australia.

Here are the list of new and emerging designers that you can look forward to seeing at Curated Melbourne:

  • HEW - making menswear less boring via collaboration
  • A.BCH - a Melbourne based designer basics label
  • POST SOLE STUDIO - a Melbourne based footwear factory
  • SIYONA   - a Melbourne based couture label
  • REMUSE - a Melbourne based clothing label
  • CITIZEN WOLF - a Sydney based label offering tailored tees
  • MNDATORY - a Melbourne based menswear label
  • HARLOW - Designed and made in Melbourne, women's clothing for sizes 12-26
  • MR WILLO  - Handmade in Melbourne, children's unisex label
  • LOIS HAZEL - a womenswear label focussing on sustainable and ethical practices
  • ERIK YVON - Melbourne based specialising in men's and women's wear
  • SCOTT BENEDICTINE - Melbourne based with high focus on craftsmanship
  • LOTT STUDIO - made in Melbourne jewellery
  • NICO - based in Brisbane, creating underwear, basics and swimwear
  • VINCENT LI - Melbourne based menswear label
  • EVIE AND LEO -  a Melbourne based womenswear label
  • MAUDE STUDIO - Melbourne based label producing ostentatious accessories
  • COLLECTIVE CLOSETS - Melbourne based womenswear label, sourcing fabrics from Africa


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At the launch of Curated, one of their key supporters, Brauz, a retail tech start up company, announced the launch of their app which aims to connect physical retail experience and online experience for consumers.

I haven't had the chance to check it out but as soon as I do I will enlighten you with my thoughts. The Brauz team has been working on this project for the last four years and explained it as the first blended shopping experience.



Image credits: Illustration by me Juliet Sulejmani, Photographs via @ctf_curated