An Interview with Photographer Don Sulejmani

don sulejmani_the juiet report


TJR: Who are you?

DS: I’m Don Sulejmani

TJR: How old are you?

DS: I’m 26 

TJR: Is this your first fashion show?

DS: This is my first VAMFF

TJR: What are you most excited about tonight?

DS: Just what people are wearing. The skaters are pretty cool, they should have their own runway.

TJR: Well they kind of do, it’s the first runway you run in to.

DS: It’s funny because they’re kind of anti-fashion and this whole thing, but they fit in so well.

TJR: Who did you come with?

DS: You, and Monty

TJR: Who is your favourite Australian Designer?

DS: Romance was born

TJR: What about international designer?

DS: Paul Smith. I like Paul Smith, I relate to Paul Smith.

TJR: What does Melbourne Fashion mean to you?

DS: Cool, Breaking rules bro, not like magazine fashion. A bit more soul.

TJR: How do you think it compares internationally?

DS: I think one of the coolest places I’ve been was Berlin. So I think we come pretty close to that.

TJR: Where is your favourite place to hang when you’re not at a fashion show?

DS: Everywhere really. I’d say the streets in the city, I like taking fashion there.

TJR: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

DS: It’s always usually older men. The older men I take photos of. Old Italian men. One of my greatest style inspirations was our cab drivers in Nice. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a North Face Puffer Vest. Very cool guy.

TJR: Which of piece of clothing that you own do you love the most?

DS: These sunglasses right now by District Vision. They’re made in Japan.

TJR: How would you describe your everyday style?

DS: I’d like to blend in, not stand out, but have one thing at least that stands out. An accessory or piece of clothing that makes you go ‘Woo’, but not draw attention but if you notice it you’ll go ‘Wow, nice’.


You can find Don Sulejmani @ Don Sulejmani