Who is Eva Chen?

2018.06.13_eva chen vogue codes.jpg

I love Vogue, but Eva Chen was 99% of the reason I bought a four hundred and something dollar ticket to go to Vogue Codes Summit in Melbourne.

There were other people and factors that would have encouraged me to attend Vogue Codes. However, as soon as I saw Eva Chen listed as a guest, I didn't have to think twice about it. 

I can’t remember when I started following Eva, and I wish I remembered how I discovered her, unfortunately, that will forever be a mystery. What I do remember, is that it was before she had Tao, her one and a half year old. So I know I’ve been following her for at least two years now.

Eva is many things, but what is Eva for me you might ask?

Eva is my fashion inspiration. Eva’s shoe and bag collection rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw’s. Just go ahead and search the hashtag #evachenpose, I dare you. 

Eva is my eyes into the New York Fashion world. She knows everyone: editors, designers, models, photographers, stylists, celebrities, you name it. Following Eva gives you front row access to all the coolest fashion goings-on in NYC and all the people you wish you were friends with (read Anna Wintour).

Via Eva’s Live front row streams from fashion shows all over the world, you get to see everything. You see what Eva is wearing, the gorgeous invites we all dream to receive, show notes the designers provide to fashion attendees, chats between her and her fashion friends and even the opportunity to ask Eva questions through her Insta Live's.

So now you know what Eva is to me, you might be wondering what does Eva do?

She works at Instagram NYC and is Instagram's Head of Fashion Partnerships. This covers things like talking to people who work in fashion and helping them to better share their stories via Instagram. She also works with the developers to create new features that are specific to fashion, like the change in allowing photos to be posted in landscape and portrait and not just squares. And also trying to get fashion people on Instagram. In her interview at VogueCodes, she said Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen are at the top of her hit list. This was music to my ears because who doesn’t want a glimpse into the Olsen’s lives!!

Did I meet Eva? Is that even a question?!

YES, I MET EVA! (And I still cannot believe it.)

Eva was the last speaker of the day and she was interviewed by Vogue Australia's Editor in Chief Edwina McCann. I will share some highlights of the interview in a future post but for me, it really was the highlight of the day. Eva spoke about her career, her family, sharing her life on Instagram, the origin of the Eva Chen Pose, Insta tips and more.

At the end of the interview there was a meet and greet where she posed for photos with fans and that's when I got to meet her. She was just as nice, friendly and awesome as she seems online, and I am so happy that I got to meet her. She actually reposted one of my drawings earlier this year and she remembered it, so that was super nice.

Takeaways from this are:

Eva Chen is cool, go follow her @evachen212, and
If given an opportunity to meet your idols, take it!

Until next time,
Your friend, Juliet.