Started With a Bang

power outlet_the juliet report


Dear Google,

I turned my lamp on and then there was a bang, now my power socket doesn’t work.





  • how to reset safety switch

  • safety switch on but no power

  • why would an outlet suddenly stop working?

  • do you use electricity when things are plugged in but not on?

  • can an outlet cause a fire if nothing is plugged in?



Yesterday was my first day back in the studio full-time and it literally started with a “BANG!!”

The first thing i did was sit in my chair in front of my MAC and turn my lamp on. Nothing unusual, I’d done this many times before, however this time it went ‘BANG!!” Smoke came out of the lamp (maybe it didn’t, who knows), but it definitely omitted a burning smell.

Please see below for monologue with self:

Was i just electrocuted?
Am i dead?
Seems like I’m alive. 
Have i fucked up the houses electricity.
Nope, the lights turn on. 
But do the Power Outlets work?
But not the one my computer is connected to. 
Omg, is my computer dead?
Nope, it works. 
But the Power Outlet the computer is connected to doesn’t. 
Phew, but oh fuck. 
Ask Google.
Call dad!
Make a coffee. 

The end.

Not quite sure this is the kind of bang the expression intended, but I’m rolling with it.

The Residual Current Device (RCD) was activated, which I think acts like a safety switch and turned off the power to stop me from being electrocuted. And thank goodness for that. My dad flicked it back on, and now everything is back to normal, except for my lamp, which is now dead. RIP lamp.

A few interesting emails came through today, which I will tell you about soon. Other than that quite an ordinary day.

What I’ve Been Watching

the bold type_the juliet report

Finally watched The Bold Type. It’s on Stan

How could I not love it. Set in New York, at fashion magazine. Has my name written all over it. Binge watched and recommend.

younger_the juliet report

Also binge watched Younger, also on Stan. Love this slightly more than The Bold Type. It’s also set in New York at a publishing company. Of course I’m going to love it.

I like all the characters, however Maggie, played by Debi Mazar is by far my favourite.

Episodes of Season 6 are currently being released week by week on Stan.

What are you watching, what should I watch next?

Until next time,