All the Places I Went to in Sydney Nov/Dec '18

map of sydney.jpg

This is just a simple list of places I went to on my most recent trip to Sydney. Please note that this isn’t every single place I went to, but all the places I loved and would visit again.

I have provided some notes to give you some context for a few of the places. I will also be creating a post on most of them that will be more detailed and will hopefully inspire you to check them out on your next visit to Sydney.

Paramount House Hotel [11]

This is the hotel I stayed at. I discovered it by accident in April this year when I went to have coffee at Paramount Coffee Project. I stayed in the ‘Everyday’ Room.
(blog post to come soon.)



Paramount Coffee Project [11]

As mentioned above I visited the cafe earlier this year and it is one of my favourites. On this trip I had food and coffee delivered to my room via room service. Great idea.
(blog post to come.)

Golden Age Cinema and Bar [11]

I read that the ‘Big Cheese Toastie’ is a must, so I had one along with a cocktail. This was right before I went in to watch a film. If I lived in Sydney this would be a cinema I would frequent.
(blog post to come soon.)

Paramount Recreation Club Kiosk [11]

I enjoyed a Chia cup and fresh juice at the kiosk after the Market in the Paramount Rec. Club. So good.
(blog post to come.)

Poly [11]
I had dinner at Poly with my friends. We ordered almost everything on the menu, and it was all super delish. The ‘Gem Cos’ was the standout.
(blog post to come.)

Reuben Hills [1]
This was my first stop after landing in Sydney. Enjoyed a nice cup of filter and discovered a cool new Spotify Playlist.
(blog post to come.)

Bills [2]
I have not stopped craving the hotcakes I ate at Bills. They are actually nowon the top of my ‘Best Hotcakes Ever’ List.
(blog post to come.)

Artificer [8]
This was my second time at Artificer and this time I went specifically for the Incu x Cafe Kitsune Collab. It was awesome, don’t miss it. Also I love this cafe, If I lived in Sydney it would 100% be my local.
(blog post to come.)

Cloud Thief [13]
Loved the Yuzu soda here. Yuzu I feel like is the next matcha. It’s taking over everywhere. Do you Know what Yuzu is? Try it!

Fratelli Paradiso [18]
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Like I’m craving Bills hotcakes I am craving Fratelli’s Lasagnetta. So good!
(blog post to come.)


Brett Whitely Studio [7]
This was on my list but because I was running late I almost skipped it. Luckily, I accidentally walked past it and decided to poke my head in. So, so glad I did. His work is so great, and being in the studio was such an awesome experience. You should look him up.
(blog post to come.)

Art Gallery of NSW [17]
Love this Gallery. I try and visit every time I’m in Sydney. More on what i loved in a…
(blog post to come.)

The Architects Bookshop [6]

Potts Point Bookshop [19]

Books Kinokuniya [13]
I wish we had one of these in Melbourne!

Surry Hills Library [3]
I walk into the Surry Hills Library every time I’m on Crown Street. Which is basically everytime I’m in Sydney because I love it. This is a good stop to rest and maybe charge your phone, but the best bit is their Zine collection section.
(blog post to come.)


I’d love to know if you’ve been to any of these places and what you think. Also I’d love to know if you visit any places as a result of reading my list. Just let me know in the comments below!