6 Books In My Stack This Week

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‘My Stack This Week’ is a new segment on The Juliet Report.

This is where I will list all the books in the week that I have:

  • purchased

  • received from publishers

  • read

  • flicked through and used as inspiration for my work or life

  • cooked from

This was one of those weeks where I was super inspired and motivated to learn and be nourished by information. I was overly ambitious and imagined my self reading everything. In actual fact however, I only started one book. It happens sometimes. Work was too busy, I had to plan my itinerary for Sydney, and I got a cold. But anyway, here are the books in this weeks stack and my stories about them.

One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, by Aleksandr Solzhenistsyn. (Penguin Books, $12.99.)

A conversation with a friend has gotten me interested in Russian History. After asking instagram for tips on what to read I ended up in Readings Bookstore. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the books I wanted in stock. Luckily though, I was with my friend Baz and he helped me pick this one out. The lady at the counter told us that Aleksander Solzhenistyn has been a really popular search request lately, and she was wondering what has made his books so popular all of a sudden. We couldn’t comment on that but were curious as to why he is in the zeitgeist too.

Summer Crossing, by Truman Capote. (Penguin Books, $12.99.)

I picked this one up after my friend Tamie mentioned it at Book Club. I think the character of Holly Golightly was derived from a character in this book (or something like that.) And after reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I’m super into Capote and want to read more of his work. So much so, that I’ve even set his book ‘In Cold Blood’ as the Book Club read for January.

In The Restaurant: From Michelin stars to fast food; what eating out tells us about who we are, by Christoph Ribbat. (Pushkin Press, $29.99.)

This was in last weeks stack and I really can’t wait to start reading it. I discovered it on the new books shelf at Paperback Bookstore. Will let you know more once I actually read it.

The Women in Black, by Madeleine St John. (Text Publishing, $12.95)

I bought this one a while ago with the intention to read it while I was in Sydney, as that’s where the book is set. I’m almost half way through and am really loving it. Hopefully the film is still on at the cinema, I’ve heard it’s good too.

Palette Perfect: Colour Combinations Inspired by Fashion, Art & Style, by Lauren Wager. (Promopress $44.99)

This is a book I’ve had for a while now. I use it quite a lot as a reference for when I’m stuck on colour combinations. The palettes in it always inspire me.

Let me know what’s in your stack in the comments below!