The Juliet Book Report - JULY

the psychology of fashion_the juliet report

The Juliet Book Report

The Juliet Book Report is a book club where we read books that cover the topics of fashion, aesthetics, and culture. My intention is to have a great time with people who are interested in exploring these topics and to have conversations that are not limited to the topics and not confined to the world of the internet.

The book club will take many forms. There is an IRL (in real life) club, which at this stage is at capacity and I will let you know if any vacancies arise. There is an online club that everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part in, either via the blog, Instagram or you can email me. And, in the near future - if I can figure out how to - there will be a podcast! Wowza.

IRL club members will take it in turns to select the books. Each month a nomintated IRL club member is required to select 3 appropriate books and present them to the IRL club members. IRL club members then take a vote, and as imagined, the book with the most votes is the book we read that month.

Being the book club founder, I was the first to go through this process and the books I presented were:

1. The Women in Black, by Madeleine St John

2. The Psychology of Fashion by Carolyn Mair

3. Curing Affluenza by Richard Denniss

The most voted book was The Psychology of Fashion and that is the book we are reading for the month of July.

the fashion of psychology_the juliet report
the psychology of fashion_the juliet report

I hope you get the chance to read the book too and I would love to know your thoughts. I also look forward to sharing my thoughts and also the thoughts of the IRL club members with you all.