Go-To Goss

Go-To Skincare

While in Sydney last week, I met Emily, who is the Social Media and PR Executive at Go-To Skincare. We had coffee at PCP (Paramount Coffee Project), Emily had an almond piccolo and I had a filter. I’ve noticed almond milk is super popular with Sydney-siders, it seemed like every second person was asking for almond milk in their coffee.

Emily arrived bearing Go-To gifts. A cute, peachy Go-To Box, with phrases on it like “ The internets made my Go-To be here!” and “Squeeeee!” Inside the box was: one tube of LIPS!, one tube of SUPER HANDY, a container of EXFOLIATING SWIPEYS,  and a super cute Go-To peach and gold key ring saying ‘Nice.’ It was nice.

I recently purchased the Tiny Stuff Set from them, which has since sold out. It had super cute and useful, Tiny, travel size versions of the Super Handy and Lips!, as well as Face Hero and the Very Useful Face Cream. I’ve enjoyed using those products, especially the Lips as it stays on your lips, no matter how many boys you kiss (JK), all while making your lips nice and shiny. I have not yet tried the Swipeys, and I am really excited to do so.

While sipping on our aforementioned coffees, we chatted all things Go-To. Go-To is a beauty brand I really enjoy, and I wouldn’t be alone in saying it has one of the best personalities. This comes as no surprise as it was created by the funny and clever human that is Zoe Foster Blake.

At Go-To HQ, they have a lot to be excited about. They will be celebrating their 5th Birthday really soon and after the success of the brand in Australia, they have recently launched into the US market via Sephora. In April they will be launching into Mecca Cosmetica Australia-wide, which is going to bring a lot of joy to those of us that prefer in-store shopping. Go-To will also be one of the 40+ brands at #Meccaland in May and they will no doubt have one of the funnest booths there.

While talking to Emily, I learnt that I had missed the memo that; Australian Beauty is now referred to as A-Beauty. It was also funny to learn that a lot of people email Go-To thinking that they are speaking directly to Zoe Foster Blake, herself. Can you blame them though, the tone of the brand is so consistent throughout all communication and I totally get how you could think Zoë is actually talking directly to us.

I’ll be back with more on Go-To real soon, can’t wait to take my Swipeys on a test run.